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Fuel pressure regulator????

Posted By: 98_birdman On: 04-03-2015 @ 21:09:26         Reply | Edit
What happens when this goes bad? Does it make a clicking noise?

Posted By: HBHRacing On: 04-05-2005 @ 22:01:24     Reply | Top | Edit
there is nothing in it to "click"
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Posted By: 98_birdman On: 04-05-2005 @ 22:30:47     Reply | Top | Edit

My Caps Lock Button Is Broken

[ Edited on 02/16/2005 @ 16:56:26 ]

Posted By: ajcamaro On: 04-05-2005 @ 14:48:00     Reply | Top | Edit
when your fuel pressure regulator goes bad, it will take a few times to kick over, and you may haev to give it gas when you start. ive had this problem for a few months and im just to lazy to change it. but if your getting a clicking noise, you might want to check your alternator, how is your voltage level?

Posted By: AThumbTack On: 04-05-2005 @ 15:24:44     Reply | Top | Edit
AJ best to stop being lazy with that regulator, unless you want your engine to go south on ya.
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