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LS1 Oil Change
Category:  Internal Engine
Difficulty:  1
Approximate Time:  30 Minutes
Application(s):  LS1
Added By:  Jim_Hogan
Last Updated:  2002-09-22 23:39:24
Views  17040

Tools Needed:
Jack Stands
15mm Socket/Ratchet
Drain pan

Parts Needed:
6 quarts of oil (I ALWAYS use Mobil 1 Synth)
Oil Filter (I ALWAYS use UPF58)

Filters that work: (note the AC Delco Ultragold series is no longer being made)
AC Delco PF44
AC Delco PF58 (L)
Mobil 1 M1-107
Mobil 1 M1-206 (L)
Fram PH 3506
Fram PH 3675 (L)
Hard Driver HD08 (L)
Purolator L24007 (slightly larger)
Purolator L14006
Purolator L20123 (L)
PureOne PL20123 (L)
Motorcraft FL-331 (L)
NAPA 1045 (L)
WIX 51045 (L)
Amsoil ASF 30 (L)
Deutsch 377

Replace that tired old and used engine oil with clean fresh oil to extend the life and performance of your motor. This should be done AT LEAST every 3000 miles.

How - To:
Step 1
Jack up the front of the car and put it on jack stands. I normally slide my floor jack under the k-member and jack up the car high enough to get me 3-ton jack stands under the a-arms. Ensure that your vehicle is SAFELY jacked up before going under it. It is very dangerous to go under a car supported only by a jack, ALWAYS use jack stands.

Step 2
Slide your drain pan under the oil drain plug. When you remove the plug, the oil will drain out to the far left (ie shoot towards the driver's side wheel). You should be ready to move your drain pan first outward to catch the oil and as the oil drains, the stream will move closer to directly under the drain plug. Don't make a mess now.... and your drain pan does hold at least 6 quarts right?

Step 3
Locate the oil drain bolt on the side of the oil pan. Use the 15mm socket/ratchet to pull the bolt out. Once the bolt is out, the oil will start draining. Let it drain for 10 minutes or so (until all of the oil is out) then put the bolt back in and tighten down the bolt. The pan is aluminum so don't go gorilla on it. I think the torque spec is ~18ft lbs.

Step 4
With the bolt back in, remove the oil filter. You might need a filter wrench for this. Again, have your drain pan ready as there is fluid in the filter and above it that don't drain with the plug removed.

Step 5
Get your new filter and new oil out. Fill the new filter with oil and then dip your finger into the filter and rub some new/clean oil around the gasket on the filter. This helps form a good seal and protects the gasket. Fill the filter slowly so that the material in the filter has time to absorb the oil. With the new filter filled and some oil around the gasket, put the oil filter back on "hand tight" DO NOT USE THE FILTER WRENCH TO TIGHTEN IT DOWN.

Step 6
You're now done under the car. Go under your hood and locate the oil fill cap. Remove that and being adding your new oil. A good funnel makes it easier. Empty in the rest of the oil you used in the filter and then another 4 quarts. Pour slow so that you don't overfill or spill any oil on the motor. You'll probably still need to add oil so after adding the 4th full quart, locate the dipstick and check the fluid level. The LS1 calls for 5.5 quarts of oil, yours might take a little more or less, again, adjust according DO NOT OVERFILL. Also, the car should be LEVEL when checking the oil level.

Step 7
You're all done. Start her up and check for leaks under the car. If your car has the oil life monitor, reset it now. (car in Run, press/hold the trip meter)


Questions should be posted on the message board or emailed to the person who created this guide. Comments should ONLY be used to add information such as notes and more information for poorly edxplained steps or notes on parts/tools/steps etc.

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