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'95 Firehawk M6 or '98 WS6???

Posted By: Archangel On: 09-30-2011 @ 10:57:59         Reply | Edit
Hello there everybody. I've been off the forum for a long time. Now I have this situation. I am selling my beloved 1991 GTA in order to buy either a 61k mile '95 Firehawk M6 or a 70k mile '98 Trans Am WS6 A4. Both are red and well taken care of. The '98 is some $2k more than the Hawk. Not sure what to do. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Posted By: ryguy_45832 On: 12-04-2011 @ 20:25:45     Reply | Top | Edit
edit...n/m looks like you made up your mind...haha
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