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head light issue

Posted By: CWS6FLY On: 08-07-2011 @ 20:13:31         Reply | Edit
Ive replaced my head light gear wheel twice now. After a few days it goes back to continiously spinning when i close it. Anyone else have or had this happen to them?

Posted By: Reaper  Yearly Donor since 01-28-2008 On: 09-29-2011 @ 21:06:15     Reply | Top | Edit
If you don't properly time the lights it will keep stripping the plastic gears.
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Posted By: jgardner On: 01-14-2012 @ 16:52:26     Reply | Top | Edit
Your best bet would be to get a brass gear. I had one of the gears strip in mine and replaced it with the brass one. Has been going strong every since. There's a couple out there, but this is the one I got I believe (it's been a few years)

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