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Car Won't Start, Not the Opti

Posted By: RStock521 On: 04-10-2009 @ 20:14:47         Reply | Edit
My 1995 Z28 suddenly died while I was driving during a storm. I thougt for sure it was the Optispark, so I replaced it with a new one. Put everything back together and it still won't start up. The car cranks and the backfires. I checked and the plugs are getting spark. Its also getting fuel so I'm at a loss for what it could be. Anybody have any ideas? I

Posted By: Green97TAMachine On: 04-11-2009 @ 00:35:37     Reply | Top | Edit
Only thing I can think of is try changing the CPS (crankshaft position sensor).
OR you sucked up some water and cooked the MAF. Try unplugging it and see if it starts.
It will run without it plugged in, but it will run badly and kick the SES light on.
So if it does run unplugged you know whats wrong.

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Posted By: rippinlt1 On: 04-11-2009 @ 13:56:21     Reply | Top | Edit
95's dont have CPS's... Make sure you have the opti on the right way and your wires in the right firing order and dry.
1995 Z28 few bolt-ons, 1997 Z28 Convertable bone stock

Posted By: rippinlt1 On: 04-11-2009 @ 13:58:09     Reply | Top | Edit
I believe when they switched to OBD-2 in '96 they started useing the CPS.
1995 Z28 few bolt-ons, 1997 Z28 Convertable bone stock

Posted By: ledzppn69 On: 04-13-2009 @ 14:57:27     Reply | Top | Edit
ICM - ignition control module. test it and see if it's good or not.
93 z28, stalled and bolted, 1 of 17,850, super rare

Posted By: RStock521 On: 04-14-2009 @ 12:55:05     Reply | Top | Edit
Had the ICM checked up at autozone, its good to go. So far, I'v replaced/checked the opti, coil, and ICM. Anybody have any other ideas of things to check? This stupid car is really starting to pi$$ me off haha. Thanks in advanced guys! I really appreciate your help.

Posted By: 94junker On: 04-14-2009 @ 15:50:28     Reply | Top | Edit
did you unplug the MAF like suggested?
[ Edited on 04/14/2009 @ 15:51:02 ]

Posted By: RStock521 On: 04-14-2009 @ 15:52:08     Reply | Top | Edit
yeah, the MAF is unplugged. I've tried it both ways

Posted By: rippinlt1 On: 04-14-2009 @ 16:19:26     Reply | Top | Edit
When you tried to start it the first time after it died in the storm would it backfire like it is now? How may miles are on your car, any mods? Are you positive the Opti is on the right way? It is way too easy to put it on wrong, I put my first opti on wrong twice before I got it right the third time. It backfired alot and barley ran if at all.

1995 Z28 few bolt-ons, 1997 Z28 Convertable bone stock

Posted By: RStock521 On: 04-15-2009 @ 14:10:29     Reply | Top | Edit
yeah, theres only one way the opti will go on because there's that little tab that it slides onto. And we pulled the timing cover off today to see if maybe it skipped a tooth, and that was fine too. Anybody else have any other ideas that it could possibly be?

Posted By: dboy2 On: 04-21-2009 @ 16:55:56     Reply | Top | Edit
Don't limit your self to the electrical! Check your fuel pressure at the shrader valve and a cheap Noid Light will verify proper pulses from the Opti to the injectors. I actually over adjusted my rockers (dumb ass), and the engine wouldn't start. Also, the Coil wire is to be suspet if your wires are kind of old.

Good luck.

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