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zoom clutch any good

Posted By: mooringws6 On: 02-23-2009 @ 19:54:55         Reply | Edit
any one have one in their car. i think of getting the street/stip part # zzz-30010. seems good for the price. i need something that isnt going to kill my wallat since i have to do the rear end soon also. i thought 329.99 was good.

Posted By: Calaban007 On: 02-23-2009 @ 21:10:42     Reply | Top | Edit
I heard that they are OK for stock replacement, but that's about it.

I was looking at a Ram setup myself. It's about 60 bucks more though.

I'm putting it off as long as I can. If I drive normally it doesn't feel like its slipping at all, but let me get on it and when I hit 3rd gear it slips like a bitch.

Good Luck

1995 Camaro Z28, M6, T-Top Conversion, CAI, SFC's & 1989 IROC-Z restoration in progress

Posted By: mooringws6 On: 02-23-2009 @ 21:54:10     Reply | Top | Edit
yea i was being a retard saturday night thought i would burn off my tires since i was putting new ones on, and smoke came out from under the hood and smelt bad. now the shakes bad letting off the clutch in first.and now the pedal comes up almost all the just turned 155k so its due time anyway.since ive been taken an easy somewhat the shake has gone away. i guess some of the hotsops came out of the flywheel

Posted By: ken125 On: 02-24-2009 @ 12:03:04     Reply | Top | Edit
i have a zoom and i like it. ive done many 1st to 3rd burnouts and powershifts with no problems yet. ive put bout 40000 miles on it

1997 silver six speed Camaro. Pacesetter lts, magnaflow catback, No cats, no emissions and a cheap crappy ebay cold air kit!
08 R6S no mods, non needed
95 s-10 4cyl 5 speed DD

Posted By: jjdynomite On: 02-24-2009 @ 13:19:54     Reply | Top | Edit
If your hard on your car might as well go with a billet steel flywheel too

Posted By: GREENARROW On: 02-24-2009 @ 19:40:32     Reply | Top | Edit
I've got a Ram HD clutch I put in in 2003 still going strong. I would suggest them to anyone. And I've heard they newer stuff is even better than I old one I have.
GREENARROW 1st fbody - 87 Camaro 2.8, 2nd fbody - 96 TA (RIP)
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Posted By: mooringws6 On: 02-24-2009 @ 21:30:33     Reply | Top | Edit
i drive it hard a seen some pricing on flywheels and i might be out of budget considering that the rear is going again. i check ws6store agian wgho i knows. ive been looking everywhere for pricing now my head hurts lol

Posted By: jjdynomite On: 02-24-2009 @ 21:59:41     Reply | Top | Edit
Call tick performance. Joey will do his best to get ya the lowest price around.


Posted By: cunningham On: 03-01-2009 @ 21:40:58     Reply | Top | Edit
i have the kevlar zoom clutch in mine. I love it but its about $650
95 camaro Z28 stock for now but a 383 is in the works

Posted By: zx900e2 On: 04-29-2009 @ 16:46:56     Reply | Top | Edit
I put the autozone clutch on my car and I am happy with it. Almost all pressure plates are made by the same company and my plan was to purchase the autozone clutch for the lifetime warranty and purchase a mccleod disk to save a ton of money considering I would get the same pressure plate. In the future when I change the clutch it would cost me a mccleod disk as I have a lifetime warranty on the pressure plate from autozone. After opening the box I looked at the friction disk and noticed the raybestos logo. After seeing that I decided to run that friction disk and I haven't had an issue with the car.

I have 315/35/17's on the rear and I can still get them to spin if I slip the clutch but the rear end stays behind the car most of the time as long as it is warm out.

Now my plan is to keep the autozone clutch until it can't take anymore and I have to spend more money.

I'm probably only running around 320hp now but my plan is to bump it up with a cam and other goodies later.

Posted By: cunningham On: 04-30-2009 @ 18:17:58     Reply | Top | Edit
i put the zoom kevlar in mine and loved it but the trany didnt hold. just depends what you want to do with it

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95 camaro Z28 stock for now but a 383 is in the works

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