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Water pump removal and replace

Posted By: Formula93_350 On: 04-05-2008 @ 13:39:50         Reply | Edit
I'm working on a 93 camaro and have located where my coolant is draining from. It's the water pump. Anybody body know how long I can expect to be working on this car for? Also, I'm a mechanic in training so I've done water pumps but not on an LT1. Any tips? What do I need to know before I do this? Any advice?Thanks.
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Posted By: 94fireturd On: 04-05-2008 @ 19:52:22     Reply | Top | Edit
If your have done any water pump you can do an LT1. Just dont forget to reinstall the waterpump drive shaft like I did. Might be a good idea to get the cooling fans out of the way.

Make sure you bleed the cooling system.

If have a 93 as well. How is that stage 1 chip working for ya?

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Posted By: Formula93_350 On: 04-06-2008 @ 03:35:21     Reply | Top | Edit
Someone told me that the water pump isn't driven by a belt, is this something I should be worried about?

Yeah, that chip...not great. I guess if you have a couple other mods they make a stage 2 that you actually notice.

I can't honestly recommend it.
93 Firebird Formula LT1, K&N FIPK, Accel Fuel Injectors,
Flow Master Exhaust, Stage 1 JetChip, M/T Street Drag Radials,
Faze A/F Gauge

Posted By: 94fireturd On: 04-06-2008 @ 16:17:12     Reply | Top | Edit
1. drain coolant
2. remove intake duct
3. remove hoses from water pump.
4. if you want to remove the fans it might help with room but I dont think its absolutly ness.
5. I think you need to remove the belt (the waterpump is driven by the cam shaft gear. There is a drive shaft that runs from the front of the timing cover to the back side of the waterpump, so no, the water pump is not belt driven.

6. remove the 6 bolts (3 on each side) and remove wp. Use a short socket on the bolt that is behind the powersteering pully so it dosnt get stuck as it backs out.

7. swap thermostat housing and thermostat and swap the temp sensor.

8. prep mounting surfaces and instal is reverse of removal.
9. bleed cooling system. Start car, let the thermostat open. Shut the engine off and open the bleed screws. repeat untill there is ONLY water coming out.

94 Formula: sold
00 WS6: sold
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Posted By: cunningham On: 04-07-2008 @ 09:24:00     Reply | Top | Edit
they say if you have a leaking waterpump you should go ahead and chang your distributor because their is a good chance of it going out next because the water leakes all over it. you may not have any problems with it now or may not ever ,but it is a common thing
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Posted By: ken125 On: 04-07-2008 @ 11:04:38     Reply | Top | Edit
before you pull the pump off its a good idea to cover the optispark with a trashbag just in case. when you have to replace the opti the best bang for the buck is the gm part. and if you could convert to the vented design it would be better.
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Posted By: leslie87 On: 05-30-2009 @ 20:59:29     Reply | Top | Edit
here since there are no manuals for service repair or anything online,go here and register with them for free and get all the do it yourself information you need.I finally found instructions on how to change the water pump on my 94 it is useful

Go to Click on REPAIR INFO. You will be asked for the information about your car. Look under ENGINE/ENGINE MECHANICAL. Water Pump is listed. This is a step-by-step guide to removal and installation. I would have linked it for you but I do not know your engine size. Good Luck!

Posted By: RamAir95TA On: 05-31-2009 @ 19:25:20     Reply | Top | Edit
How do you plan on covering the optispark with a trash bag, considering the water pump is over top of it?

The EASIEST thing to do is to just pull the block drain plugs on both sides and empty the block. This will minimize how much coolant comes out of the pump/block. It doesn't matter WHAT you do, you're going to get coolant somewhere. This method minimizes the mess.
95 T/A.
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Posted By: Formula93_350 On: 05-31-2009 @ 22:04:07     Reply | Top | Edit
wow this is an old thread. I'm sorry to say that both the camaro and my formula are no longer with us. The camaro was traded. The formula died from a combination of hydrolock and a shorter nitrous kit that activated when it hit water. They were good cars and they provided many good times.
93 Firebird Formula LT1, K&N FIPK, Straight pipes, Compucar LT1 Nitrous Kit 100 Wet Shot, 1.6 RRs(soon)

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