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fluctuating oil pressure

Posted By: black94formula On: 01-02-2008 @ 01:46:33         Reply | Edit
when i start the car my oil pressure is just over 40lbs. when the car warms up and i'm driving, my oil pressure will drop when i hit last gear, but if i hit the gas it kicks back up to about 40lbs. it also drops when i hit the brakes , but will againg kick back up to 40lbs when i hit the gas. i use 5w30 castrol gtx.

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Posted By: useful_idi0t On: 02-06-2007 @ 02:44:49     Reply | Top | Edit
how low is it going? ive been told by many people that low warm oil pressure with 5w30 is normal for our cars.

i think the factory minimum is 6psi @1500rpm.
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Posted By: LT1JAG On: 02-06-2007 @ 07:57:28     Reply | Top | Edit
Remember, any oil pressure is still lubing the engine.
NO oil pressure is the monster.
Have you changed cams?
The pressure gauge is reading the pressure at the top of the motor, the cam pushes the oil on the top of the motor.
Worn cam will cause a low reading.

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Posted By: DAFAIC On: 02-06-2007 @ 11:16:45     Reply | Top | Edit
My car was dropping all the way to zero (hitting the peg) on the stock gauge when the car was warm but as soon as you hit the gas it would come back to normal. Are you experiencing this same issue? I changed the sensor on the back of the intake and it started happening more frequently. I put a mechanical gauge in and used the port above the oil filter which if I am not mistaken is where your sensor is. Anyway my mechainical gauge drops to 5-6psi when running at normal operating temp while ideling at 1000rpms and the other sits on the peg and the check gauge light comes on. In my car I found the stock gauge to be almost exactly 10psi off. The instruction book that came with my mech. gauge said "electrical sensors that screw into a port will be incorrect due to thread tape or thread sealer as it hinders the proper grounding of the sensor and can cause it to read incorrectly." That could be advertisement bs but thats what it says. At any rate the new sensor is off by 10psi. Hope this info helps. But from reading on this site if yours is just dropping down but not pegging out you should be okay if the factory minimum is in fact 6psi at 1500rpm's which is good info for me. If your car is doing what mine was doing I would recommend installing a mechanical gauge to verify your pressure so you donot end up with a knocking motor. My gauge came from autozone and it was $17. (wow that was long winded)

Posted By: black94formula On: 02-06-2007 @ 13:03:32     Reply | Top | Edit
the only time it comes close to 0 is when i stop for a stop sign or sign but it doesn't hit 0. cruising at 60 i run at about 20psi so i guess everything is alright.

94 Formula, 18" Z06's, Borla Headers & Catback Exhaust

Posted By: DAFAIC On: 02-06-2007 @ 13:21:52     Reply | Top | Edit
Sounds good. Me running in 6th on hwy at 60 10psi.

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Posted By: ledzppn69 On: 02-06-2007 @ 15:51:19     Reply | Top | Edit
i tihnk thats normal

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Posted By: 95ttoplt1 On: 02-06-2007 @ 16:53:53     Reply | Top | Edit
Does it completely drop off if you stand on the brakes?? If so it could be the pick fell off the pump. Its very common on our cars for some reason.

Posted By: fergymoto On: 02-06-2007 @ 17:42:33     Reply | Top | Edit
^It's common on a lot of SBC.

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Posted By: HBHRacing On: 02-06-2007 @ 19:31:32     Reply | Top | Edit
Pressure will change with temp and RPM. Unless your getting severe drop from slowing down (not the way you described it which is just from the RPM's going down as you stop) then it's normal.
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Posted By: black94formula On: 02-07-2007 @ 00:16:25     Reply | Top | Edit
i figured it was normal. i just wanted to make sure i wan't over looking something that would end up costing me big.

94 Formula, 18" Z06's, Borla Headers & Catback Exhaust

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