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2009 G8 GT vs 2008 Volvo S80

Posted By: RedScreaminMachine On: 04-15-2015 @ 15:58:22         Reply | Edit
I've run this car before with my 1994 Z28. The car is a V8 rated 303 hp and has AWD. For the runs with my Z28 the Volvo would jump out a bit from a dig and then no one would really pull until up top where the Volvo would slowly creep away. I did have a passenger and he was alone, but the Volvo was definitely faster.

After getting the G8 we knew we had to line them up, so today I got the call. We met up and were able to get 3 decent runs in.

First run was from a dig. Count of three and we were off. He jumped out about 1/2 a car on me. I slowly pulled back and by 100 mph I was about 1.5 cars in front.

Second run was from a 50 mph roll. We agreed to go on three honks and just punch it, letting the cars downshift normally. Three honks and we hit it, I started pulling right off the bat and was a solid 2.5-3 cars ahead by 100-110 mph.

Third run was from a dig again. Three honks and we both hit it. This time the launch was about even (after the race he said his car didn't launch as hard as the first run for some reason). I started pulling ahead and by the end of the marked 1/4 mile I was over 2 cars in front.

Good races. Even though the win wasn't unexpected it was good to avenge my previous loss to the car!

Fun stuff!
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