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2000 3.8 Camaro vs. Integra

Posted By: mrcrazyhimself On: 04-13-2015 @ 12:23:41         Reply | Edit
The other night I was going around 40 and a black integra, 94 I believe, pulled next to me. He took off and I STUPIDLY put it into 2nd. I had a bit to drink and atleast I think I should have just put into 3rd ( 3.08 gears ) We are dead even til 70 then I started to pull. We'll he went into a gas station and I pulled next to him. Asked him what he has done and he said '' a bunch of little shit, like cam and stuff'' I was confused but very very dissapointed. The only mods I have is a TSP rumbler but I feel like my car needs a nice tune-up to atleast help out. Is there decently simple and cheap mods that can atleast help me out a little bit? I'm not rolling in cash right now but I was thinking a K@N for the money might atleast be helpful?
2000 Camaro- 3.8, 5- Speed. Ram Air Hood (non functional at the moment)
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Posted By: roubenbird On: 09-29-2008 @ 12:23:41     Reply | Top | Edit
Don't drink and drive, let alone drink and race. I'd start saving that money for the DUI you will be getting.

K&N wouldn't be worth your trouble.
Being rebuilt, It'll take a while:

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15.543 @ 88.21mph

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