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IF your car had say 480-500 HP ...

Posted By: Mpaolino On: 03-22-2012 @ 06:19:55         Reply | Edit
...To the wheels, how much would you be willing to spend to get another 100 to the ground? There's a labor factor of 22 hours, but I think I could do it myself.

Basically, whats 100 worth to ya?

Keep in mind with 100 extra HP a clutch is going to be a for sure item at 1k to 1,800, nit sure which one yet.

Lets hear it
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Posted By: 4Birdman On: 03-22-2012 @ 06:44:57     Reply | Top | Edit
How much would I pay? About $600 for a nitrous setup.

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Posted By: jjdynomite On: 03-22-2012 @ 09:19:24     Reply | Top | Edit
I barely make that much on the bottle, I can't afford to make another 100rwhp.
this quote will make it into someone's sig for sure

Posted By: 2001ss350 On: 03-22-2012 @ 09:23:28     Reply | Top | Edit
Whatever the parts would cost. I don't pay people to fuck wit my stuff. If someone else can do it so can I.

Posted By: Lukn4Trbl On: 03-22-2012 @ 09:44:53     Reply | Top | Edit
I had 437 to the wheels and I would have paid a decent
buck to PLANT that amount of power to the ground.
1st and 2nd gear were useless from a dead stop accel.

In your case being AWD, I'd go with a clutch before
putting any more power into the engine. You would
be surprised how much an efficient clutch will make
use of the power you already have.
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[ Edited on 03/22/2012 @ 09:45:36 ]

Posted By: 2001ss350 On: 03-22-2012 @ 10:41:21     Reply | Top | Edit
^ wut he said

Posted By: 2001ss350 On: 03-22-2012 @ 10:46:03     Reply | Top | Edit
I was pushing 480 to the ground through a 9 inch spool. Once the clutch started slipping it felt weaker. New clutch it was fantastic

More often than not, we read or see people building or adding power without building the base first. The base being driveline strength or reliability. The driveline needs to be there in order to harness and deliver the power that you want. Weak driveline equals limited power to the ground and broken parts.

Posted By: Mpaolino On: 03-22-2012 @ 12:21:25     Reply | Top | Edit
Yea, I know the clutch is a must do, especially since the motor and trans will be out anyway. I've put 1400 miles on my car this month and the thing is feeling slow. I know it's not really slow, took my brother for a ride and he couldn't believe how it ran. Clutch is still holding for now. The weather is so nice here, I'm going to try to get to the track.
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Posted By: 2piececrank On: 03-22-2012 @ 16:52:57     Reply | Top | Edit
I'd pay several monopoly dollars plus some cupcakes from my EZ Bake Oven. Then I's be happy with something for more than a few weeks, rather than asking how much it will cost to turn the pony I just got into a unicorn.

Just save the money. You won't recoup it when you sell the car in July anyway.

07 Mazdaspeed6

Posted By: roubenbird On: 03-22-2012 @ 17:29:02     Reply | Top | Edit
Oh no, he'll recoup the money. He got it at a steal, remember?!
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Posted By: crunkmaro On: 03-22-2012 @ 17:31:17     Reply | Top | Edit
how much would i pay for 100whp?

10 bucks

then again i'm a cheap ass.
Posted By: assbreeze On: 09-22-2010 @ 21:54:09 I wish i was a cheerleader

Posted By: 2piececrank On: 03-22-2012 @ 18:12:31     Reply | Top | Edit
Oh no, he'll recoup the money. He got it at a steal, remember?!

My sarcasm senses are tingling. I meant in terms of dollars spent towards this 100hp to dollars gained back over the current value of the car.

To really answer the question, I don't know. What has been done to the car so far? I know that I am going to spend probably $250 before delivery for a short ram intake + turbo inlet pipe that they claim will gain about 25whp (they say 33hp but I don't know if they are talking at the crank or awhp so I am assuming at the crank). How does the intake on your car look? What about the exhaust immediately after the turbo? Adding a downpipe should allow you to run a bit more boost (as I recall the speed6's running downpipes were running 18psi as opposed to 16).

So to be conservative, to add 100awhp, you are going to need to add 120-130 hp. What would you need to hit that and how much would it cost with the Porsche tax? Then add the cost of your new clutch. I'm guess that to hit the 130 hp plus the clutch you are going to be looking at what, $6k+ in parts?

07 Mazdaspeed6

Posted By: Mpaolino On: 03-22-2012 @ 20:02:42     Reply | Top | Edit
You're pretty close and the Porsche tax is stupid, I thought Corvette tax was bad. It already has a filter, exhaust and tune. The next step is hybrid turbos, retune, wastegates, hoses, boost controller and fuel injectors. It's supposed to put it about 586 to the wheels with a conservative tune.
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Posted By: 2piececrank On: 03-22-2012 @ 21:14:22     Reply | Top | Edit
I don't think I would pay $6k for an additional 100whp in my car. Maybe that's because I could get that with probably $1500 including supporting mods. Thats quite a bit of money.

I've noticed turbo cars also have a tendency to feel slow. Mine feels like an average sedan (and usually feels slower than my old K1500) for the most part until about 2500rpms. 3k is pretty fun even before boost. Plus your car is also AWD, which can be a lot of fun, but doesn't really add to the feeling of going fast in the way that RWD does. Price we pay, I guess.

07 Mazdaspeed6

Posted By: Pocket On: 03-24-2012 @ 11:48:44     Reply | Top | Edit
Extra 100hp?

Simple $60 for a smaller pulley, $400 for the retune

Posted By: Mpaolino On: 03-24-2012 @ 12:37:39     Reply | Top | Edit
Jon, now you must imagine you already have the smaller pulley and re-tune, but you want another or the second 100 HP. In reality it's 200 HP above factory to the wheels.

I'm not even sure they will sell me the parts and let me do the labor.

You want that tool?

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Posted By: lt1_fool On: 03-26-2012 @ 09:05:53     Reply | Top | Edit
So did you get the 600 awhp upgrade yet? I think you should do it. =)

Posted By: Mpaolino On: 03-26-2012 @ 13:29:24     Reply | Top | Edit
Yes, I have the 600HP upgrade already, it was at Switzer Performance 9 days after I bought it. I'm looking at the 700 horse kit now.
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