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fuel dumping problem and intake runner cold??

Posted By: bigtommy On: 01-02-2008 @ 17:49:22         Reply | Edit
i have 88 305 trans am that runs warm but 2 out of 8 intake tubes run ice cold that normal ?? also fuel dumps into motor blasting it out the exhaust anyone know what sensor or part could be making the engine overload??

Posted By: Pocket On: 11-27-2006 @ 23:45:17     Reply | Top | Edit
Care to elaborate on what you mean with the intake tubes being ice cold?

As for burning rich, I suggest checking the computer's SES codes. Good place to start before playin replace the suspect part game

Also confirm its gas in the exhaust and not antifreeze

Super rich and blown headgasket both smoke white

That is until the rich mixture blows the exhaust off and other fun fun things inside the engine

Posted By: bigtommy On: 12-06-2006 @ 17:46:45     Reply | Top | Edit
yes intake runer tubes are all warm except for the back 2.. meanwhile the other 6 run warm i thought it was odd when i felt the 2 ice cold

Posted By: Pocket On: 12-07-2006 @ 02:11:31     Reply | Top | Edit
305 TPI yes? Its an aluminum intake

Whether its ice cold or your finger thermometer is wierd i dont know. I do know that unless you have something blocking the plentum/tubes there will be no difference in them or their function. Move on to the other problems, more info needed

Posted By: bigtommy On: 12-08-2006 @ 18:21:54     Reply | Top | Edit
the car has aluminum intake.....runs very rich dumping fuel into exhaust blasting it out in the back when i take my foot off the gas pedal.

Posted By: mjsmikey On: 02-02-2007 @ 01:12:33     Reply | Top | Edit
sounds like your not burning up all your Gas. Check plug Gap, maybe a Weak Coil, or you could be Running under Retard/ too advanced Spark. Its easy to Check, just get a Timing light.

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