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Help, unfamiliar with GM products

Posted By: phizkig On: 08-17-2008 @ 23:23:30         Reply | Edit
Thank you for your help. My wif eand I just purchased an '80 Espirit as her first project car. It shows evidence of being run hard and not well cared for. It burns oil and leaks everywhere. I doubt that it has many original parts, so it will probably be a "resto-mod" as a clean daily driver because we don't need a showcar. I am very familiar with Ford products and have restored several 60-70's cars. However, I know virtually nothing about Pontiac/GM/Chevy products and am need of help in a couple areas.

1) THese are the numbers I have found so far. On the front of the drivers side head, I found the number "52697A". On the intake I found "10004965" On the front of the block on the passenger side, just below the head, I found the letters "XR". What do these reference to, or where can I find out?

2) Any suggestions on where to find reference material/technical info/general 2nd Generation Fbody knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,

Posted By: GOATS2QUICK On: 12-24-2008 @ 19:38:58     Reply | Top | Edit
what motor do you have in it.(size and make?)
gto 406 th400 2500 stall, 3.90 posi, headers,3 inch pipes, rally rims speed demon 750 edelbrock rpm isky 280 mega cam harland sharpe rollers.pst bushingsboxed control arms,huge swaybars,disk brakes,dynomax pipes,and lots of badassness!

Posted By: phizkig On: 12-25-2008 @ 17:55:42     Reply | Top | Edit
Thank you for your response. I have learned that this base '80 Firebird originally had a 6 cylinder. Someone replaced it with a Pontiac400 and a turbo400 tranny. The body is in pretty good condition with minimal rust on the floor pans only and just minor denting on the rest of the body.

However, the front has been "bumped" and there is a lot of bondo on the front fenders. I want to replace them but don't know if there is any big difference in fenders from 77-80? I have found a potential donor '80 trans am, but the nose is different. Are these the same fenders?

Posted By: dan On: 01-08-2009 @ 16:55:36     Reply | Top | Edit
the esprit was the luxury model firebird, usually had more trimmings and plush interior...slightly higher comfort options and not so much on the performance
it ran the entire length of the 2nd gens ..i've had 4 esprit now..they were replaced by the "S/E" in 82

this section sure has gone south..jfc
96 corsica..faster then your junk

Posted By: dan On: 01-11-2009 @ 12:56:17     Reply | Top | Edit
oh, and on the fenders, any fender from 70-81 will bolt right on...there are differences such as the 70 fenders not having a place for a brace to bolt to, and 76's have a different bracket on the front for the bumper, but its insignificant and wont cause them to not work..regardless of what year its from
96 corsica..faster then your junk

Posted By: IwannaFirebird On: 01-24-2009 @ 14:43:15     Reply | Top | Edit
might want to check out for more help...not much of a second gen crew over here these days!

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