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T5 Tranny in 2nd Gen Convertion

Posted By: Formula400 On: 01-03-2008 @ 17:26:42         Reply | Edit
I have a 1970 Firebird with a 400 small block. I have a 4 speed in it how and would love that extra gear that the T5 has(like out of a 3rd gen camaro or firebird). I just have a few questions for someone who has done such a thing in a 2nd gen.
1) Can I still use the mechanical clutch or do I have to convert ir to hydrolic?
2) I know it can be done, but will i need to shorten the drive shaft?

Posted By: Formula400 On: 04-07-2006 @ 12:36:05     Reply | Top | Edit
Also it would be greatly appreciated if you had any tips on doing this as well.

Posted By: firebird455 On: 04-07-2006 @ 16:16:01     Reply | Top | Edit
Hey Man, having a automatic I have never attempted such a swap so I can't speak intelligently on the subject. What I can say is that I have had a couple friends with T5 transmissions in the 3rd Gen Camaros and such and they have had a difficult time putting a lot of power through them and the transmission holding up. That may be an isolated problem though. There are some aftermarket Borg-Warner and Tremec transmissions out there that are supposed to be set up for the 2nd Gen Pontiacs and Camaros. Hope this helps.

Posted By: 78formula78 On: 04-07-2006 @ 17:41:36     Reply | Top | Edit
there is two different companys chevyfivespeed and one other that i can't remember that offer kits to install a tko 500 or 600 transmission in to the second gens, and the T5 is a good transmission but i don't think it could hold the toqure of pontiac motor... or even a 350. the T-5 wasn't ususally found hooked up to the 8 unless it was the 305 and even then they were pushing the T-5 to its limits, its only rated to 300ft/p
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Posted By: Formula400 On: 04-07-2006 @ 22:42:55     Reply | Top | Edit
Hey thanx for the reply. I've just been looking into the tko 5 speed tranny and that might be my best route. All i have to do is fork up a little over $2000, ouch. Ouch for me alteast, being in college in all. Thanx again for the reply's.

Posted By: IwannaFirebird On: 04-08-2006 @ 01:29:23     Reply | Top | Edit
being a college kid in the same boat as you, I can vouch that the tko is worth the pain. I dropped one in my bird right before i went to college, and the mileage difference has already saved me several hundred bucks over the past year.

Go with for your kit. I went with and their ultimate product has been great, but there were tons of bugs and issues to work out and they took almost six months to get all of my parts to me. I hear classicchevy is a lot better as far as customer service goes, with a comparable product.

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